In application of the French Code of the Intellectual property and, more generally, the treaties and international agreements containing relative capacities has the protection of copyright, you will refrain to reproduce for a usage other one than deprived, to sell, to distribute, to emit, to spread, to adapt, to modify, to publish, to To communicate entirely or partially, whatever shape it is, the data, the presentation or the organization of the site or open them protected by the copyright whichappear on the Web site without written particuliere authorization and prerequisite of the holder of the attached copyright has opens it, has the presentation or has the organization of the site or has the reproduced datum.


Création : Agence web Creabilis

French legislation relative to the access right in the data file.

Every user having given evidence in the service of the directly or indirectly name specific information, can ask for the communication of the name specific information concerning him(it) has the administrator of the service and make them rectify if necessary, correspondingly has the French law N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative has the computing, in files and in liberties (CNIL)